The nutritional and healing properties of royal jelly are great and people have recognized it for a long time. It is interesting that in addition to royal jelly, there are two other types, namely royal jelly that feeds the larvae of worker bees and royal jelly that feeds drone larvae. Royal jelly is of the highest quality and, like the other two, it is a product of the glands of young worker bees that are only 7 to 12 days old.

Its characteristics are white to pale yellowish color, sour taste with a slight sweetness, without a strong odor. Its composition includes water 50% to 70%, dry matter 20%, proteins 10%, sugars 5%, amino acids 1% and others are vitamins (complex B vitamin C) minerals, fats and some other substances that have antibacterial properties .

Today, royal jelly is used as an auxiliary medical device that contributes to the improvement of the general condition of the organism, but in some specific diseases and conditions. The action of royal jelly in the body is aimed at improving the immune response, accelerating the growth of specific neuronal cells, reducing bad cholesterol and more balanced work of the glands with internal secretion. This natural bee ingredient is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of creams and balms.

Nature has given us a great variety of noble substances, one of the noblest and most useful is royal jelly.

Let’s protect nature, protect the bee.