(Corylus avellana) Hazelnut is a favorite nuts fruit of many. The hazelnut or hazel tree is smaller, and can often resemble a larger shrub. It grows in almost all parts of our country, and in its fruits, not only people but also animals are sweetened. Hazelnuts have been used in the diet since the earliest beginnings of human development. Today, the confectionery industry could not survive without this precious stone fruit. It contains a handful of useful substances, so in addition to proteins and carbohydrates, it contains vitamins B5 and 6, A and E, folic acid, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, calcium and zinc. All these substances and elements are very important for the functioning of the human body, and hazelnuts have long been used in folk medicine to eliminate various diseases. A couple of hazelnuts a day provides the body with freshness, potency, provides protection of blood vessels and heart, etc.