Armoracia rusticana or Cochlearia armoracia is a robust perennial plant popularly known as rhubarb. The habitat of this plant is our climate with the rest of Southeast Europe as well as Western Asia. Many ancient peoples knew about this plant, so the ancient Egyptians used it in their diet and to make special drinks, and the Greeks and Romans used it in addition to food to treat pain. Many of these plants use only the root, but the young leaves of this plant are also extremely healthy. The root contains coumarins, phenols, asparagine, peroxidase, essential oil, resin, starch and saccharides, and the spicy taste is due to the ingredient synrin. The root can grow up to one meter in length. Young leaves are a real treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, namely vitamin C, selenium, chlorophyll and carotene. The healing effects of this plant are not only known in traditional medicine, but some medical preparations are also based on the substances it is rich in. Ren accelerates metabolism, cleanses the body, gives strength and vitality to the body, cleanses blood vessels and blood, has a beneficial effect on bronchitis, asthma, cough, diarrhea, etc.