Prevention or how to be healthy


One of the most expressed wishes that we selflessly wish to others, top operational value, living precondition, greatest wealth….

Being healthy.

Being healthy is the mantra and focus of modern life. Once upon a time, in the old days, health was taken for granted and the loss of health was expected, and it was safe and certain, but also a part of life. The struggle to preserve health was a battle to survive on the same level as to feed, water, avoid misfortune and evil. Health is understood as primordial existence.

Today, we understand health as a special part of us, as a part that we cultivate, in which we invest energy, which we keep because health is not only a mere life but also a quality of life, a possibility.

That is why being healthy today is a value that is expressed, measured, for which it fights, and for which in order to be realized, it is necessary to have some kind of plan, idea, signpost.

It would be said that prevention is a comprehensive plan, idea or long-term guide on how to achieve and maintain this value on a positive level, and recovery is only a necessary ultimate battle on how to restore this damaged value. Prevention is thus a set of several hygiene or systems embedded in an unbreakable whole.

Emotional hygiene, food hygiene, biochemical system, psychophysical system…

In order for a person to achieve one of the highest values ​​today, in addition to love and essential happiness, he must maintain all these hygiene and systems in equilibrium, nurture them, plan, analyze, dedicate time, and believe.

Because what is going to a fitness center than the fruit of your need, intuition, desire, meaningful plan and will to persevere in physical health.

What is a walk in nature is a need, a cry and an elixir of the mind, an aspiration to reset our mind and give it a second more mental health in the mode of peace in order to move on.

What is a healthy diet than the model we manage our body, the knowledge of biochemical wisdom, the matrix of metabolic health, and the bridge to the desired longevity.

Being healthy today also means proactive multifunctional existence, working on oneself more mentally than physically.


Health is an investment that brings you a position of not only comfort but also a position from which you can embrace and understand what life is. Animals do it primitively and instinctively, and we lost those instincts a long time ago, but we have the awareness, knowledge and will not to forget that health is not only a supreme gift to us but also to all loved ones around us, and a gift to humanity to step forward.


Respect your health because being healthy is not a given invariable value but a potentially sustainable and powerful virtue of living.


February, Belgrade