My right way to go

Sometimes I think that God was deeply unjust in his creation, that he gave some a lot and some a little, that he gives a new chance to the wicked and eternal life somewhere there, some a lot of work and some a lot of enjoyment…

I could list examples until tomorrow, but I would only refer to one here. Namely, as they say, work created man, but does that apply only to us.

If the phrase work, order and discipline applies to another animal species, then it is a bee. Sometimes I think that evolution is their greatest destiny, it created them in their perfection so that they don’t take from anyone and give to everyone.

I used to sit for a very long time and watch them, and ask myself a lot of questions and get few answers. Do they enjoy something? are they aware of how much they work? If they were aware would they slow down a bit? If they knew how to use them, would they give them back to us? How can they not think of taking something from others when everyone else is taking… ..

Answers out of nowhere from a little bee, a bee that only works 45 days in its life, that knows no warmth and fear, a bee that is absolutely committed to the community, a bee that respects hierarchy, one that does not hesitate to overthrow a leader if he fails, and again justifiably ellipsis …

In addition to all the above, and not daring to list what significance they have for us and nature, I can not shake the impression that they are so dedicated and organized, hardworking and wonderful, only one loser of evolution doomed to failure in a world of greed, plunder, stronger, vanity, hunting. They managed to last for many millions of years on the stage of life, and now they are slowly and quietly leaving, and sometimes there will be no more of them. Why? Because we humans are arrogant and greedy, wasps and hornets are stronger, diseases are more advanced, nature is harsher and they are so phenomenal in their simplicity of life.

Someone once said that a bee is a fighter, it will endure, it will adapt, it will learn, it will understand.

My answer to that is that if we want to have them for a long time, we have to adapt, we have to learn to truly live in harmony with nature and ourselves, we have to kick ourselves out of the center of the world and put nature and her in that place. It takes a lot of love, a lot of will and sacrifice, and a steel commitment, but I hold that this little insect deserved it.

August, Belgrade