Ginkgo biloba is an ancient species of tree from the genus Golosemenica that has survived for almost 200 million years and is today considered a sacred tree in many parts of China. Today, this plant grows endemically in the mountains of southeast China, and due to its endurance, it is grown all over the world. The great contribution to human health of the leaves and seeds of this plant has been the focus of ancient Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. Today, the extracts of this plant are valued not only in traditional medicine, but they are also recognized by modern pharmacy. Ginkgo contains a large amount of elements and compounds such as flavonoids, essential oils, tannic acid, glycosides, ginkgolides, bilobalides and many other minerals. The use of extracts based on this plant leads to the improvement of cerebral microcirculation, memory, circulatory disorders, dementia, but also to the supply of the body with an extraordinary amount of antioxidants.