These bran can be said to be a blessing of nature. Namely, the bran is obtained from the grain of the plant oats or oats (Avena sativa) in a way that the outer shell is removed from the grain. Oat bran is very different from the bran of other cereals because their fiber has the ability to absorb water and dissolve in it. This ability is especially pronounced in the body because they absorb liquid with all harmful substances and other substances and thus increase their volume up to forty times. By absorbing some of the nutrients in the small intestine, these plant fibers reduce the absorption of food and thus directly affect the regulation of body weight, which has been confirmed in many medical studies. In America, oats, or its bran, have the status of medicinal foods especially useful for maintaining heart health. Oat bran, ie their consumption, leads to lowering the amount of cholesterol in the blood and preventing large oscillations of blood sugar.